SystemPanel is an all-purpose utility application. It lets you monitor and manage the applications on your phone. It shows you what your phone is doing and what apps are consuming the battery.

Task Management
SystemPanel features a task manager which lets you see what apps are currently running, and how much processor and memory each is consuming.

Application Management
The Installer can install and uninstall applications from your phone, and also lets you make multiple backups of different versions of your installed applications. You'll never be frustrated by a broken new release of an app again.

System Monitoring
The monitoring service lets you record long-term usage of your phone's CPU by various apps, generating immediate reports on how much processing power each app used and when it used it. This information is best used to determine which apps are consuming your battery.

Lite and Full Versions
SystemPanel Lite is available for free and includes task management, device information, and live system monitoring capabilities. The full version adds the Application Management and long-term System Monitoring features. Visit the screenshots page to see more.

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