WebSharing 1.6.0

WebSharing 1.6.0 adds support for the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible. This release supports both internal and external storage on the Incredible.

The storage source is selectable using a drop-down box located in the upper-left of the web user interface. Both storage locations may also be used with WebDAV, with the contents of the internal storage located at "/InternalStorage" and the SD card contained within "/MediaCard".

1.6.0 also offers support for deleting photos directly from within the Photos tab. This feature will be available for the Music and Videos tabs in future releases.

SystemPanel 1.0.b6

This release of SystemPanel introduces the monitoring service. This service, which will record CPU, display, and battery usage over time.

Beta7 and Beta8 were released shortly thereafter to correct a few minor deficiencies in this release.

SystemPanel 1.0.b1

The first release of SystemPanel is now available.

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