SystemPanel 1.0.0

The official 1.0 release of SystemPanel is now available on the Android Market. The paid full version is offered at $2.99 USD. This release adds only very minor bugfixes compared to the beta12 and rc1 versions.

The free version is now known as SystemPanel Lite. It will continue to work as the full version until June 11 as previously stated in the in-app welcome message.

New Web Site

The web site has received a major update. The site now discusses all NextApp products for Android, rather than being limited to WebSharing. Documentation has been significantly expanded. A new support forum has been added to get help, suggest features, and report issues.

Please feel free to suggest improvements!

SystemPanel 1.0.b11

SystemPanel Beta11 adds support to the monitoring service for tracking the CPU consumption of individual applications. When visiting information about a specific running process, you can now scroll down to see how much of the processor it has consumed over time. Additionally a list of top processor-consuming apps is available from the history screen.

This release also adds support for live tracking of CPU consumption of active processes on the home screen, and support for displaying plots with logarithmic scales (such that small amounts of CPU usage are more visible).

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