FX 1.0 Released

[PRESS RELEASE] NextApp announces the 1.0 release of FX File Explorer for Android, a full-featured file manager with cloud support, networking, media management, and root-access options. FX was engineered with an emphasis on user interface and user experience to deliver the capabilities of a desktop file manager on a mobile device.
FX--the first desktop-class file manager for Android devices--delivers cloud access, networking, media management and root-access capabilities with the power and ease-of-use of a desktop OS file manager.

Root Access for FX File Explorer

A root module is currently in beta testing for FX File Explorer. The root module is a PAID add-on, but is free to use during beta testing. When the product is released, the beta will expire and thus will no longer be usable.

Before using the root module, make sure your device / usage meets the following requirements:

FX: A "Desktop-Class" File Manager for Android (BETA)

The goal of our newest product, "FX File Explorer", is to bring desktop-level file management capabilities to Android devices. The most significant undertaking in FX has been creating an interface that is intuitive for new users and at the same time extremely efficient for those who are more experienced.

Local files can be managed in a conventional desktop-computer like icon or list view. Media files can be browsed using media-specific views; for example, audio files can be categorized by their artist, album, or playlist. FX features rich networking capabilities: files can be transferred via Windows Network, FTP, Secure Shell FTP, and Bluetooth.

A database-backed indexed search system and developer/root-user functionality are currently under development and will be available in near-future beta releases.

FX can be downloaded from the Android market and is very much usable even though it officially has beta status. At this point the product is nearing readiness for the 1.0 release. We greatly appreciate all comments, suggestions, and bug reports. Visit the download page for more information.

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