The Basics

  • Basics: Learn the basics of using FX. This section discusses navigating within
    FX, using menus, selecting items, and performing operations. Please read this section first.
  • The Home Screen: An introduction to using the Home Screen of FX.
  • File Management: This section shows how the file management features
    of FX can be used to copy, move, delete, and manage files and folders on your device.

Advanced Features

  • Bookmarks: Use bookmarks to provide ready access to important folders directly from the Home Screen.
  • Security: Information about security features of FX.
    Learn how to store passwords in the encrypted FX keyring for easy access to network servers with a single password.
  • Networking: Connect to networked computers and transfer files to and from your device.
  • Window Management: Learn how to use multiple FX "windows" to simplify
    transferring files and managing your device.
  • Background Operations: How to let file transfers and other operations
    take place in the background.
  • Bluetooth: Use the Bluetooth features to send files, pair devices, and browse
    Bluetooth FTP servers.

Additional Information