August 11, 2013:

  • The multiple-column list view mode, previously called "List View" is now known as "Grid View".
  • A new single column list view mode has been added. It looks best on tablets or phones in landscape mode.
  • Added special-case to detect external storage of Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition.
  • Removed more falsely detected user storage. Anything in /Android/data or /Android/obb is culled.
  • Added capability to manually disable detected storage. The "Customize Home" screen now has two tabs. The second tab, "Filesystems" allows you to hide undesirable filesystems. Disabled storage will not appear on the homescreen or under images/video catalogs.
  • Fixed bug where opening FX bookmarks from home screen would *always* create a new window, even if that bookmark was already open.
  • Fixed bug with white text on white background on search screen for pre-ICS devices.
  • Separator background in menus is now lighter colored in the dark themes.

August 3, 2013,

  • Fixed Android 4.3 root FS remount. This release works around the fact that Android 4.3 returns different data from /proc/mounts to normal users than it does as root. Queries to determine mounted filesystems are now done as root (in root areas of the app, if root is available).
  • Fixed obscure crash scenario if image file doesn't exist during thumbnail generation (reported via Google Play bug reports)
  • Minor UI aesthetic tweaks to search progress, network browsing
  • Better logging for SMB connection failures.
  • Added Settings options (off by default) to place all menu items on left side of screen. This is useful for some Samsung device owners where Samsung's "Multiwindow" feature may draw *OVER* the user interface of FX.
  • Added logcat viewer with ability to save/copy FX logs.
  • Added support for connecting to FTP servers that require ACTIVE rather than PASSIVE connections. These are rare, but do exist (e.g. some home routers that provide network attached storage functionality). You must uncheck the "Use Passive" checkbox in the FTP connection editor dialog (under advanced).
  • Added more timeouts for FTP connections.
  • RealVideo files now use the correct "video" icon.
  • Added support for moving images from image listings (added "Cut" option, previously only had "Copy")

July 16,

  • New Holo-based User Interface Design.
  • User interface themes: Light, Dark, Translucent Light, and Translucent Dark themes are available.
  • Pinch-to-zoom in all "Explorer" views.
  • Split-pane mode (ability to view two windows at once).

April 26, 2013, 1.5.2

  • Slightly more compact file listing layout for MDPI phones with 480x320 resolution (also applies to LDPI phones with < 480x320). Tablets retain the more spaced layout.
  • Changed swipe-to-select color from blue to gray.
  • SMB Bugfixes: increased the way-too-short timeout duration. Fixed issues/performance with directories containing very large quantities of files.
  • WebDAV fixes: connecting to servers with "bad" (expired/self-signed) SSL certificates now allowed (with user confirmation).
  • FX TextEdit: added option to file menu to run scripts. File name must end in .sh.
    Improved/updated documentation (Tools->Help).

April 21, 2013, 1.5.1

  • Changed SMB host resolution order (NetBIOS is now queried first, then DNS)

April 19, 2013, 1.5.0

  • Added new UI visuals for the "content area" of file/item listings. Added new selection/tap highlight.
  • Full-resolution icon support for devices up to XXHDPI (480 DPI).
  • Added basic theme selection.
  • Added "Apps" section to FX Plus (under "Media" heading). Browse user apps, system apps, all apps, or view apps by permission.
  • Added WebDAV support. (FX Plus)
  • Added Zip AES-128/AES-256 Encryption support (create and browse). (FX Plus)
  • Improved scrolling when viewing music by album/artist (FX Plus)
  • Improved zooming in image viewer.
  • The Images catalog in FX Plus now shows thumbnails crop-zoomed rather than fit-zoomed (resulting in larger images). This is especially useful when using the "Large Thumbnail" view.
  • Fixed issue with SMB connectivity and fully qualified domain names, and improved SMB error messages.
  • Added "categorized" view menus, with sorting options displayed directly in the menu.

March 2, 2013, 1.4.1

  • Usage view works again as root.
  • Moving files within a SMB share performs the move remotely (much faster).

February 28, 2013, 1.4.0

  • Added script execution component (supports root and unprivileged execution).
  • Added capability to add script shortcuts to homescreens (and execute them as root or unprivileged user).
  • Implemented creation of home screen bookmarks for files, including ability to choose target application.
  • Improved home screen bookmark/shortcut creation dialog (ability to create launcher shortcuts is now much more obvious).
  • Added capability to view Android Binary XML files within APK files (e.g. AndroidManifest.xml).
  • Improved image browsing (FX Plus).
  • Improved Android media database synchronization.
  • Improved media scanner, now also provides better progress feedback.
  • Text editor: added auto-indent (configurable via settings).
  • Text editor: added warning when opening read-only files, and improved error message when attempting to save one. (Warning may be disabled in settings).

  • Current window can now be cloned by holding the "New Window" option in the "Windows" menu.
  • Added options to path bar when it is tapped and held: "copy path text" and "expand bookmark".
  • Added capability to remount any read-only filesystem as read-write (previous versions only supported remounting / and /system).
  • Revamped Add Bookmark/Shortcut dialog.
  • Added capability to create shortcuts via the "Widgets" menu of your homescreen launcher app.

February 2, 2013: 1.3.1

  • Fixed force-close issue in search results.
  • Fixed file chooser bug where file metadata was not being provided.

January 31, 2013: 1.3.0

  • Revamped search design and user interface: search is now hosted by the "explorer view" of FX. This allows for multiple search windows,
    selcting items in search results, and performing file operations (e.g., cut, copy, delete) on those results.
  • Added recursive search support for SMB, FTP, and SSH protocols. This feature is generally intended only for local network use due to performance reasons.
  • Added cloud search support Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. SugarSync and SkyDrive APIs currently don't support this feature. Search capabilities vary based on the cloud service. Google Drive search includes capability to search inside files.
  • Added support for Samsung's proprietary "multi-window" extension to Android, available on devices such as Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 10.1.
  • Local file move and deletion performance improved (resultant media database updates are now performed in the background after files have been moved or deleted.
  • Significantly improved file transfer performance for some devices.
  • Support for connecting to SSH hosts using keyboard interactive authentication (required by default on modern Mac OS X installations).
  • Added workaround for bug in Mac OS X (10.8 / Mountain Lion) SMB implementation.
  • Fixed issues with connecting to FTP-S/FTP-ES servers that have an SSL certificate chain.
  • Improved performance of loading/rendering APK icons and album art.
  • Added capability to enable/disable packages in /system from Details view (requires root access).
  • Added support for copying calculated MD5/SHA1 checksum/hash values to clipboard, and for comparing current hash to value stored on
    clipboard (via Details view).
  • Added refresh button to Details view.

December 20, 2012: 1.2.0

  • Added "Usage View" feature (for local user files and for root-accessed files).
  • Thumbnails now displayed for Cloud locations (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SugarSync)

December 8, 2012: 1.1.1

  • Notifications have been improved and use the device's built-in style.
  • Added "Open in New Window" context menu option in file windows.
  • Long filenames are now truncated in file views (can be disabled via settings).
  • Added setting to disable warning when remounting filesystems as read/write (as root).
  • Added support for creating new symbolic links (symlinks) as root.
  • MDNS lookups now use hostsnames rather than IP addresses when possible (i.e., when creating a network connection and browsing the network).
  • Added a confirmation dialog when canceling edits made to a network connection.
  • Added workaround for bug in GMail with regard to attachments.
  • Performance and UI/aesthetic improvements.
  • Text Editor: Added new text editor-specific settings panel.
  • Text Editor: Added optional toolbar (useful for cursor navigation on touch-screen devices).
  • Text Editor: Undo/Redo now appear as an "on-demand" toolbar when selected from the menu (more convenient on touch-screen-only devices).
  • Text Editor: Aesthetic updates.

November 16, 2012: 1.1.0

  • Root module is now a free add-on.
  • Added support for Android 4.2 (fixed cosmetic bookmark and storage location issues).
  • Added external subtitle support for remote streamed videos (subtitle file must be named identically to video).
  • Text Editor: Added undo/redo, pinch-to-zoom, search, volume-key cursor control, and shortcut keys for devices with physical-keyboards.
  • Text Viewer: Added pinch-to-zoom. Added menu shortcut to open files with editor from viewer.
  • Binary Viewer: Performance improvements, added pinch-to-zoom.
  • General performance improvements and bugfixes.
  • Added support for exploring and extracting APK and JAR files (available via "Open With").

October 17, 2012: 1.0.2

  • Fixed bug when setting background that has already been perfectly resized to device screen.
  • Fixed bug where keyring password could timeout during file transfers.
  • Fixed bug related to pinch-zoom responsiveness in image viewer.

October 10, 2012: 1.0.1

  • Added measures to help prevent FX background transfers from being stopped by aggressive task killers.
  • Fixed issues with uploading multiple files to some FTP servers.
  • Added simple root access diangostics to System Status screen.
  • Added capability to bookmark network and cloud destinations directly from the network/cloud home screens.

September 20, 2012: 1.0.0

  • Trivial bugfixes vs. RC2

September 13, 2012: 1.0.rc2

  • Added "customize home" panel to configure what items are on homescreen. Accessible via settings of from home "View" menu.
  • Added "add-ons" screen to show available/installed add-ons (can be disabled in any version via "customize home").
  • Fixed text editor rendering bug.
  • Added specific notifications for failed background operations.
  • Archives may now be automatically downloaded/opened from remote servers.

September 5, 2012: 1.0.rc1

  • Fixed bug with potentiallly changing permissions when saving files as root in text editor.
  • Fixed bug where APK icons could be mismatched between files.
  • Fixed bug where remote images could be loaded twice over the network in the image viewer.
  • Added help for root module (does not require updating root module).

August 19, 2012: 0.200

  • Fixed bug with Google Drive access not displaying all files.
  • Improved detection/user notification when root access is attempted after FX was denied root access and/or when root access is not possible on the device.

August 11, 2012: 0.197

  • Added support for creating bookmarks to system locations (as root if the root module is installed).
  • Searching is now also possible for system locations (again as root if the module is installed).

July 5, 2012: 0.190

  • Added Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage support.

June 29, 2012: 0.186

  • "Open with" dialog now provides streaming options when applicable.
  • Enabled streaming media playback from Google Drive.
  • Aesthetic updates, including new dialog styling.
  • Fixed bug where closing connections from homes screen didn't reflect changes until "Refresh" was pressed.
  • Enabled hardware acceleration by default (generally will only affect Honeycomb devices, ICS/JB already did it).
  • Updates to the for-geeks-only system status screen.
  • Tested with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (no changes were required, previous versions should also work.)

June 25, 2012: 0.183

  • Added support for retrieving files from archive and network locations and sending them to applications. This essentially allows you to directly open any file even if it is within a Zip or on a remote server or cloud site. File sizes are limiteed to 4MB, above that, you'll need to download or extract the file first.
  • Aesthetic updates: reduced use of bold fonts, lightened gradients, and additional subtle changes.

June 21, 2012: 0.181

  • Added support for setting the size of fonts/items from within the Settings area (Appearance Section). The font and item sizing for FX "home" screens, list views, and icon views can be adjusted.

June 15, 2012: 0.175

  • Improved swipe-to-select gesture recognition. This gesture was more difficult to perform on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) devices due to a reduction in the touch scrolling threshold.
  • Fixed a crash bug when using the media scanner on extremely deep directory hierarchies.

June 13, 2012: 0.173

  • Added support for exploring Zip and RAR files. You can browse, copy files out of archives, view text and image files, and play audio and video content.
  • Fixed issues with Unicode filenames with root access. You only need to update FX itself, the root module is unchanged.

May 31, 2012: 0.170

  • Fix for errors encountered uploading larger files using FTP-S/FTP-ES.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes/cleanups.
  • Trivial aesthetic improvements.

May 24, 2012: 0.167

  • I/O operations are now multithreaded and buffered such to avoid reads waiting on writes and vice-versa.
  • Added RAR archive extraction capability (UnRAR).
  • Added "Extract to Folder" feature to Archive Extractor.
  • Fixed bug w/ streaming videos over SSH connections.
  • Added UI improvements/fixes for light colored backgrounds in file views.
  • Changed application icon to a folder with stylized "FX" emblem.

May 18, 2012: 0.163

  • Fix for image thumbnail generation bug (introduced in 0.162).

May 18, 2012: 0.162

  • Aesthetic Improvements.
  • UI responsiveness improvements.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.

May 10, 2012: 0.158

  • User interface responsiveness improved when scrolling through directories containing large numbers of images.
  • Slightly faster loading of local file directories containing hundreds of items.
  • Fixed bug where cut/copy operations with very large selections (i.e., several hundred selected items) would not start.
  • Redundant soft menu key disabled for ICS and Honeycomb devices.
  • Fixed bug where large images were not displayed in Image Viewer on ICS and Honeycomb devices.

April 19, 2012: 0.144

  • ImageViewer now supports opening previous/next images by swiping vertically.
  • Fixed bug with creating Tar archives (without compression).
  • Added support for creating and decompressing single files using BZIP2 and GZIP (without TAR).
  • Improved progress feedback creating and decompressing archives.
  • Improved handling of over-recursive file operations (errors/warnings).
  • Improved memory management/out-of-memory scenario handling for text editor.
  • Media server (for streaming media from network locations) will now shutdown in 15 seconds if the screen is turned off. Some media players will continue retrieving data even when they are not playing anything, causing the media player to needlessly drain the battery (and largely blame FX in battery usage statistics).
  • Added "Close All" button to Windows menu. Tap-and-holding on this item will now FX's user interface to completely shut down (any background file transfer operations will continue).
  • Improved handling of soft enter key in password dialogs for some phones/tablets.
  • Added relevant information to "Details" screen when viewing a filesystem root.
  • Confirm delete checkboxes can now be disabled in the settings.
  • Fixed issues with hanging operation dialogs for operations that executed near-instantaneously.
  • Added character encoding support for text editor.

April 3, 2012: 0.137

  • The SSH, FTP, and Windows (SMB) connections are now grouped into a single "network" item (similar to the way cloud connections are grouped).
  • The network and cloud views can be viewed alphabetically by server name or categorized by type.
  • Bookmarks may now be added to network and cloud locations.
  • Added capability to place FX bookmarks on Android home screens.
  • Added capability to create bookmark groups.
  • Added character encoding detection to text viewer.

March 23, 2012: 0.127

  • Clipboard is now removed the moment a file operation is started involving it, rather than when that operation has completed.
  • Clipboard now shows root location of its contents.
  • Fixed bug where tapping notification of running transfer operation could reset state of open windows under certain conditions.
  • Operations in the operations activity can now be viewed in detail by tapping on them.
  • Filenames are now shown (in some media players) when streaming media.
  • Fixed scrollbar position bug.

March 19, 2012: 0.122

  • Added support for cloud storage: SugarSync, Dropbox, and Box (
  • Added support for tar.gz and tar.bzip2 file extraction and archive creation.
  • Windows share (SMB) connections now display authentication errors immediately rather than opening a file view.

March 1, 2012: 0.116

  • Fixed multiple select issue with images.
  • Fixed Android Market issue with phones using non-standard modified screen DPI values (e.g. 200dpi) not being able to install FX.

February 29, 2012: 0.114

  • Added media streaming support for SMB, FTP, and SFTP
  • Added support for anonymous SMB connections.
  • Added SMB workgroup browsing
  • Added mDNS-based network browsing to locate advertised SFTP/FTP servers.
  • Added “Traditional” multiple select mode available (in addition to Swipe-to-select).
  • Changed “Network Status” to “System Status”.
  • (Root Access) Corrected issue where error message displayed when attempting to calculate a composite checksum on a folder containing broken symlinks.

February 18, 2012: 0.108

  • Added support for root access (via add-on root module).

February 10, 2012: 0.105

  • Aesthetic updates: New menu and home screen look-and-feel.
  • Added window count indicator.
  • Fixed bug where size calculations (i.e., Pie charts in “Details” were not done properly from within bookmark catalogs.)
  • Revamped settings structure.
  • “Documents” and “Download” bookmarks are created by default (if no bookmarks exist).
  • Added settings options to open newly created files and folders (on by default).
  • Added composite SHA1 hash calculator to calculate hash values for entire folder structures. These are intended to be used to verify the equality/integrity of directory structures, the values should only be compared between identical versions of FX. This feature is accessible from the "Details" screen of any local folder. It doesn't work remotely because it has to scan every byte of each file.
  • Fixed non-security critical bug in checksum storage for SSH/FTP hosts. Unfortunately it may now deliver false positives on changed SSL or SSH keys. Simply verify the equality of the checksums provided in the warning message. (This “false positive” issue only affects network bookmarks created with earlier versions of FX).
  • Added support for connecting to SSH hosts using public key authentication.
  • Cleaned up network status screen.

January 20, 2012: 0.99

  • Added search feature. Filesystems are indexed and stored in a database, with incremental updates on subsequent searches. This update service runs ONLY when you perform a search, it DOES NOT automatically run in the background.
  • Added Quick search box to home screen (can be disabled in settings).
  • Added checksum MD5/SHA1 calculator to "Details" screen.
  • Bookmarks now appear in file selectors (e.g. text editor, selecting downloads folder, etc).
  • Android MediaScanner now notified when files are moved/removed, such that they will be immediately updated in Images, Music, and Videos views (as well as Android's own Gallery and Music apps).
  • Added settings option to disable MediaScanner synchronization entirely.
  • Fixed poor performance when adding items to playlists.
  • Added support for setting permissions on SSH servers
  • Improved performance of large deletes.
  • Android application package (APK) icons are now displayed in file views.

December 29, 2011: 0.96

  • Canceling connecting to a network location now stops it immediately.
  • Image viewer can now display images on remote servers.
  • Option to download items from remote servers in “Open With” dialog.
  • FTP connections now auto-detect UTF8 servers.
  • Directory listings now remember scroll positions after performing file operations such as “New Folder”, rename, or delete.
  • Home screen now displays size of music, image, and video collections.
  • New Folder, New File, and Rename dialogs now show virtual keyboard immediately by default.
  • Text editor now has settings to enable/disable auto-correct. Does not work with all keyboards, only those that pay attention to the Android API.
  • Text Editor now has line wrap on/off and status bar on/off options.
  • Text Editor now forces virtual landscape keyboard to not use fullscreen mode.
  • Added preference to always open text files in text editor (rather than viewer).
  • Revamped start-up dialog to display quick tips (e.g., how to select files) and license.

December 8, 2011: 0.93

  • Added overwrite/skip option when conflicting filenames are detected.
  • Added filesystem manager screen (accessible via tools menu). This feature is read-only for the moment (the add-on root module will eventually use it when the root module is made available).

November 18, 2011: 0.89

  • Aesthetic user interface improvements.
  • Revamped various dialogs.
  • Kindle Fire support (sideloading).
  • Added Select All option to View Menu in file views.
  • Bugfixes.

November 8, 2011: 0.85

  • This is an interim bugfix release. Major development is underway on search and root features, but these are not included in this release.
  • Fixed bugs in Zip file extractor when dealing with larger files.
  • Fixed sort-by-kind bug in file views.

October 22, 2011: 0.82

  • This is an interim bugfix release. Major development is underway on search and root features, but these are not included in this release.

October 10, 2011: 0.80

  • Added Text Editor
  • Added capability to bookmark local file locations and add them to the FX home screen. Bookmark titles and icons may be customized. Bookmarks may be edited, removed, and rearranged by long-pressing on them on the home screen.
  • Added preference to display wallpaper in all major views. This preference is enabled by default.
  • Added translucency option for header bar (including clipboard).

September 26, 2011: 0.76

  • “Home” views in FX can now use wallpaper (either a custom image or simply the same wallpaper as your Android home screen). The icon, list, and thumbnail views can also optionally be set to use the configured wallpaper.
  • 3X Bluetooth speed increase (without WiFi accelerator...WiFi accelerator is still substantially faster of course).
  • Separated Bluetooth Wifi Accelerator entirely from OBEX Push Server. By default, only the Wifi Accelerator is available. If you wish to use FX’s Bluetooth OBEX Push server, it may be enabled in the settings.
  • Image viewer can now rotate images. Default rotation set automatically based on EXIF data.
  • Connected USB devices are now shown in the “Files” section of the home view. Please email a bug report if you see a device that should NOT be present on the home screen appear, or if one is missing (need make/model/OS of your phone/tablet).
  • Added quick access to mount/eject storage in tools menu of file views.
  • Fixed some Windows network/SMB connectivity bugs. Please keep reporting *ANY* network connection issues. There are many different configurations out there, we want them all to work when possible.

September 13, 2011: 0.73

  • Added support for FTP-S (implicit encryption) and FTP-ES (explicit encryption).
  • Added key verification dialog for new SSH connections. A key verification notice is displayed when connecting to a host for the first time, and a key changed warning/error is displayed in the event the key changes.
  • Added support for hiding system catalogs. Currently this feature is disabled by default but will likely soon be enabled by default (most non-technical users don’t have any interest in seeing non-user-accessible storage space, and technical users will easily be able to re-enable it).
  • Fixed playlist editing issue where reordering had an initial lag when dragging an item (when album art is enabled).
  • Fixed bug where passwords were forgotten when editing hosts.
  • Fixed bug where sleeping device would stop folder size calculations in folder details view.
  • FX may now be moved to the SD card.
  • FTP control connections are now kept alive during data transfers.

September 6, 2011: 0.70

  • This version requires that you uninstall any previous version before installing it. A deployment setting was changed in this version that is incorrectly handled by the Android updater. The application will automatically prompt you in the event that re-installation is necessary. We are very sorry for this issue, it should not occur again with future versions.
  • Added support for reordering playlists using drag and drop. Multiple items can be reordered.
  • Added separate audio indices for podcasts, alarms, notifications, and ringtones. Added capability to set default alarm/notification/ringtone sounds. Podcast support is only available on phones running Froyo (Android 2.2) or later.
  • Album art is now displayed in music track listings (can be disabled in settings).
  • More information is now displayed in audio/music section, e.g., playlist length/track count, album track count, and per-artist/album album/track counts.
  • Changed behavior of context menus to operate on all selected items when you tap/hold on a selected item.
  • Added confirmation dialog for setting wallpaper from Image Viewer.
  • File listing views now render image thumbnail previews (in the same way which icon views do).

August 26, 2011: 0.57

  • Added file chooser for use with third-party applications (e.g., Gmail, DropBox) to select files to attach/upload.
  • Redesigned “Send” dialog. Added support for applications which *require* sending only one file at a time. DropBox is supported by this feature.
  • Tapping notifications now launches appropriate task (i.e., tapping the Bluetooth server state displays it, tapping a file operation opens the operations activity).
  • Fixed bug where opening notification item would reset state of open windows.
  • Network bookmarks and Bluetooth devices now sorted.
  • Zip archive operations now report incremental progress.
  • Added capability to sort folders in descending order (by name/type/size/date).
  • Configurable behavior of back button on home screen (single-press to exit, double-press to exit, or ignore).
  • Fixed annoying repeated notification bar updates on Honeycomb devices.
  • Fixed bug where Bluetooth server item wouldn’t appear in notification bar on some occasions.
  • Using “Download” button to copy files from remote servers now automatically renames files when conflicts are detected.
  • Pasting now checks for existing files before attempting to paste any files, displays error dialog immediately if files found.

August 22, 2011: 0.55

  • Added support for setting home-screen wallpaper from Image viewer. (This is of course responsible for the added "Set Wallpaper" permission.
  • Details activity now display image dimensions and area.
  • Fixed FTP client bug where passive mode was not being enabled.
  • Added missing "Connecting" dialogs for SMB (Windows Networking) and FTP connections.
  • Improved Bluetooth connection reliability (bugfixes).

August 17, 2011: 0.53

  • Initial testing release.