FX [File Explorer]

FX is currently available on the Google Play Store. Click here for download information.

FX is a file manager / media manager with networking capabilities designed to let you quickly and easily manage all content on your phone / tablet.

General Features

  • Dual pane view (in landscape and portrait mode, with movable separator)
  • Pinch-to-zoom in all "Explorer" views
  • Multiple windows (quickly switch between different locations)
  • Intuitive swipe-to-select gesture for managing multiple items
  • Icon and detail list file views
  • Usage view for managing and freeing storage space.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete using clipboard
  • High-performance search (using indexing database)

File Viewers / Editors (Available in Base Version)

  • Full-featured Text Editor, with Undo/Redo history, Find, Pinch-to-Zoom, Cut/Copy/Paste, and multiple character set support.
  • Text File Viewer
  • Binary (Hex) Viewer
  • Image Viewer
  • Archive Extractor / Creator; supports Zip, Tar/Gzip, and Tar/Bzip2
  • Script Executor

Media Capabilities (Available via "FX Plus" Add-On Module)

  • Browse image collections (camera roll(s), image-containing folders, all images on device)
  • Browse video collections (camera roll(s), all videos on device)
  • Browse audio by artist, album, playlist, or display all tracks

Network Capabilities (Available via "FX Plus" Add-On Module)

  • Windows networking (SMB)
  • FTP
  • WebDAV (can also be used to connect to OwnCloud)
  • Cloud Storage: Box (Box.net), Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and SugarSync access
  • Encrypted keyring (used to avoid entering sensitive passwords in public while not allowing access in event of device theft)
  • Windows (SMB) workgroup browsing
  • SSH Public Key authentication support
  • mDNS Service Discovery to find local network FTP and SSH FTP hosts
  • Video and audio streaming over SMB, FTP, and SSH FTP (works with many third-party players on the Android market to support a wide range of video formats)

Bluetooth Capabilities (Available via "FX Plus" Add-On Module)

  • Bluetooth FTP Client
  • Discover / pair devices from within the app

Root Access (Available via Root Add-On Module)

  • Perform file operations as root user
  • Configurable PIN/Password protected access
  • Remount file systems as read/write
  • Edit text files directly in text editor
  • Create symbolic links
  • Change file ownership and permissions