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FX 5.0 Now Available

FX 5.0 has been released to the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.fx

Major changes relative to v4.x:

  • Material Design user interface update.
  • Added "FX Connect", enabling file transfer between two devices using Wi-Fi Direct. NFC enabled devices can be connected by touching their backs together while FX is open. Shared clipboard features enables copy/paste between two devices. Sharing can be set-up to allow remote access to files (either a guest folder or full admin access) and/or music.
  • Added "FX Web Access", based on NextApp WebSharing. When active, a device's files and media may be browsed from a desktop computer. Files and folders may be uploaded from the computer via drag-and-drop. Web Access supports also supports directly browsing images and video. It also features a music player that can stream music from a device to the computer.

FX Connect Demonstration

A demonstration of the "shared clipboard" feature of FX Connect being used to transfer a file between two devices:


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